HTC Plans To Comeback

HTC Plans To Comeback

HTC Plans To Comeback:

HTC Plans To Comeback because it has not been relevant for quite some time now. Sure, there are some handsets released in the last couple of years, almost all of mid-range or high-end smartphones. But this year, the company is absent and did not release any phone. They are coming back company.

The company’s new CEO, Yves MaĆ®tres, however, says HTC is not giving up on the business of smartphones. He told his vision of a return to the high-end smartphone market when the time is right.

HTC will focus on markets with high GDP instead of competing in developing markets. CEO says they will try on a different platform, but they will not quite the mobile Business. He also pointed out the reason why HTC is so far behind from the rest of the industry smartphone makers.

HTC Plans To Comeback

According to HTC CEO

HTC stopped investing in research and development projects a long time ago and instead focused on its VR business. But, the likes of Samsung and Huawei haven’t stopped investing in hardware innovations and their sales numbers are here to attest.

Sure, there are a couple of Smartphones released in the last couple of years nearly all of which are either mid-range or high-end smartphones. He admitted that the company has suffered a great loss in the past few years and assured that they will soon rise and resume working on high-end smartphones.

We all saw the entry-level Wildfire X, but that was a different company that just licensed the name. He said it was a different Idea. The HTC will come soon, and it will be better and more advance I can assure you that, but at this moment I can tell you this that we are working on the smartphone business and it will be a Good mobile phone I can assure you.

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