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Jazz ECare

Jazz ECare – Full Guide How to Check Call, SMS & Internet History

Jazz ECare – Now Jazz Company launched a great application for its customer that they can download from the play store and use it online. The Jazz ecare application is a huge success for the Pakistan telecommunication sector.

With this Jazz e-care application, all Jazz users can easily manage their Jazz numbers, check balance, check data usage, and also check call and SMS history of their number that they registered on the jazz e-care portal. Today we will know How to Register A New Account on ecare.

Please Visit the Jazz official website for more info about Jazz E-care.

jazz ecare

Mobilink Jazz builds this E-Care application for its customer’s convenience because they can check all details about their number that they can be registered on this portal.

And they don’t need to go to the Jazz franchise to get details about their numbers. Mobilink or Warid customer can get each and every details

About their number from the help of this app. For example call history of their numbers, SMS history, or internet data usage history only the help of this e-care app.

In this article, you get to know. How to register a new ECare Account.

Jazz ECare | Features

Jazz ECare Features

  1. Check Calls history, SMS history, and Internet data usage.
  2. Manage your number online with this portal.
  3. Track complete details about your number that you have registered on this jazz E-Care portal.
  4. Complete details about your account.
  5. Billing & Payment of Electricity and gas bills, Balance Inquiry, Remaining/ Data
  6. My Services
  7. Recharge History of number.

These services are subject to Terms and Conditions adhered to by Mobilink throughout Pakistan. Please read it carefully to avoid problems in the future!

Signup Procedure:

Sign up

All Jazz and Warid users can easily register on this Jazz E-Care portal by following the given instructions;

  1. Visit the  ECare website
  2. When the website is open, click on the Mobilink Connect Login button first.
  3. Please enter your correct Jazz Number in the box, then press enter or next to log onto your E-Care Account
  4. After the successful registration, you will receive a text message on your Jazz number
  5. For verification of number, type 1 in response to a received message on your number to verify.
  6. After a few seconds, you will receive a unique verification code on your Jazz number that you have entered.
  7. After that, you will receive your login name and user password in a text message. Now you have successfully registered your Mobilink number on ECare Account.
  8. Now you can easily check all details about your number. Call history, SMS history, internet data usage, and much more.

 Terms & Conditions:

  • Please first you have to make sure that your Jazz Number is activated and have verified under PTA terms and conditions.
  •  5% Tax will be applied on recharge & bill pay.
  • Default charges for Internet data usage are 2 Per MB+TAX.
  • Charges will be applied upon checking the remaining internet data.
  • For any type of help & assistance regarding any issue or about ECare, please dial Jazz helpline 111.
  • Unwanted or unethical texts can be reported to PTA by sending Sender’s Number to 9000 – PTA.
  • Using SIMs that are not registered or without proper documentation is a crime – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Manage Jazz World by Ecare:

With this Ecare application users can manage their Jazz World accounts easily with just one click only. This Jazz world application allow also Jazz and Warid users to easily manage their packages and Call SMS and internet history.

Manage Jazz World

Every Jazz and Warid customer can use this Jazz world application for free even you don’t have an active internet data plan is active or not. This application is free for Jazz and Warid customers to facilitate him. With this app, customers can easily manage all the tasks from this Ecare online account.

Some features of this Jazz world App are:

  • One-click to access to your account by the login.
  • You can get daily free Mbs by the Jazz to use the internet.
  • with this app check Jazz and Warid balance, recharge your account, and also pay bills of electricity and gas.
  • You can check the latest and new offers by Jazz.
  • Check to remain MBs, SMS, and remaining minutes.
  • Manage your Jazz and Warid number for free even it is postpaid.
  • Complain about any type of issue regarding anything by this app.
  • This app is available for Both platform android on Play store and IOS on the App store.

Well, there is all the information! This is all about How to Register a New Account on Jazz E- Care. If you have any questions about this topic please contact us or leave a comment down here in the comment section, we will early as possible.

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How to write a resignation letter

How to write a resignation letter:

Today in this article we will tell you how to write a resignation letter for work, Teacher, Nurse, etc. So you’ve found a new job or have an offer from any other company so you’ve needed a resignation letter to quit the running job. Soon after that, you will join the new job.

While that’s not the first step of quitting your ongoing job. You have to submit the letter 2 weeks before to company and then you have to talk to your boss and have a one-on-one conversation about quitting your job. You have to submit the official letter to the company HR for quitting a job.

The Basic that How to write resignation Letter:


You don’t need to sugarcoat your boss or get creative at the start. Just mention the position of your job that you are resigning from and also mention the effective date. Tell your boss perfectly why you are living in the company. Don’t go to details just describe the reason as perfectly fine and simple.

Dear [Boss’ Name]

Please Sir please accept this my resignation letter that I’m quitting from my job [Also mention the position title and company name]. My last day in the company will be [submit the letter 2 weeks before].

Step 2: Say Thank you 

So next, it’s always very great to thank your employer for giving him an opportunity. Don’t forget to describe in the letter that you learn lots of special things from other employees and also you’ve enjoyed doing this job.

If you reference these things in the letter you will leave a good impression on everyone.

“Thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity [Be sure to mention the time you have been working there and what did you learn there]. I have taken full advantage of this opportunity and I have fulfilled these responsibilities very well.

I have learned a lot during this job and I will definitely use them in my future career

Step 3: Hands-off

Then tell them why you want to move and they will agree with you. Nor you don’t need to go into deep details and don’t make any promises that can’t keep. But assure them that as long as you are here you will perform your duties well and fully support them and you will do what you can do for them.

“During my last two weeks, I will do my job well and train other team members to take my place and they do a good job. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else during these two weeks. I will be very happy to help in these two weeks.

I pray for the success of the company and I hope that the company will continue to do so well in the future.



Step 4: Some Examples that How to write a resignation letter for work, Teacher Job & Nurse, etc.

For your convenience, we have written two or three letter samples that you can use.

Example 1:

Dear Mr. Muhammad Ahmed

Please accept this letter as a notice that I am resigning from my Digital marketing job and my last day will be Thursday 7th May.

I have been working on this job for the last 6 years. I am very thankful to you for giving me this best opportunity. Ad I’ve learned a lot from the company and the people I work together over the years, and I have taken advantage of that opportunity.

 And I will do my job very well during these two weeks and train other members of the team well so that they can take my place. If I can help you during these two weeks, you must let me know. I will very happy to do so.

I pray for the success of the company and I hope that the company will continue to do so well in the future.


Ahmed Javed


Example 2:

Dear Mr. Muhammad Ahmed

I am writing to give my unofficial notice that I will resign from my post of SEO manager on Thursday 7th May.

I have recently been offered the job of Executive assistant by a company and after much deliberation, I have decided that I will do this job. Because this new job will give me a new start in my career.

And I’ve been working as an SEO manager in your company for the last several years. And I am so grateful to you for giving me such a good opportunity.

I am very proud to work for a very large company. And during that time we solved a lot of big missions together.

Please let me know if I can help you during these last weeks. I wish you & this company all the best. And I hope to keep in touch with you after I leave the company.


Ahmed Javed

How to write a resignation letter

Step 5: 

Adjust the above letters according to your experience and your education and then submit them to your company as per the method. When the letter reaches HR he or she very impressed to read this letter.

We write these two letters example for you just to adjust these two above letters according to your experience and your company name, then submit to your company according to there procedure.

If you write a letter like above we assure it’s really impressing your boss and have a good impression on your boss, if you decided to come back to the company again in the future.

Download Sample Resignation Letters: 

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