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top 5 mobiles 2019

Top 5 Mobiles 2019

The best top 5 mobiles and about their processor power and battery life. Anyone can easily check the properties for the same smartphone. Also available the advantages and disadvantages of every smartphone. therefore you can easily access information about different top 5 mobiles 2019.

1: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the best smartphone you can get in the market right now. If you’re looking for the absolute best Android phone on the market today. 

Its new Snapdragon 855 processor is the big massive standout here with even remarkable performance. Galaxy S10+ boasts of an Infinity-O design that comes with a cut-out on the top-right. Therefore, it includes in the top 5 mobiles 2019. 


  • Immersive Infinity-O display
  • The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor works well
  • Excellent cameras
  • Very fast performance
  • Excellent battery life and can charge other mobiles phones wirelessly
  • Headphone jack
  • Punch holes in a display can be distracting


  • Pricey
  • Confusing gesture controls


2: iPhone 11 Pro Max:

The second best smartphone which you can buy is the iPhone 11 pro max it is considered as the best camera also has the night mode to take much better has the fastest processor with A13 bionic chip.

Its stellar battery life makes it superior to the other smartphones. its RAM is 4GB and storage is  64GB. consequently, it is the best choice for a winner.


  • Gorgeous OLED display is now brighter
  • A13 Bionic CPU fastest around
  • Stellar triple cameras with Night mode
  • Longest battery life of any iPhone
  • Fast charging inbox


  • Just 64GB of storage on the entry model
  • A bit heavier than the predecessor

iPhone iPhone MAX

3: OnePlus 7T:

One Plus 7T is also considered as a fantastic smartphone in the market. It also has a great demand in the market. It has the scorching performance as well as speedy charger but as we know that everything has merits and demerits it has no wireless charging and doesn’t have long term battery life.

Its screen is about 6.5 inches. Along with all these features it is also liked by its Ram and storage which is 8GB and 128GB.its weight is about 190g. And the most important thing its battery life is about 8 hours and 47 minutes.


  • Great value
  • Blistering performance
  • Good cameras
  • Speedy charging


  • Underwhelming battery life
  • No wireless charging


4: Google pixel 3a 

Google pixel 3a is considered as the best friendly camera in the market. It also has a great demand due to its fantastic features such as it has a low price, has Google software and support. People also like it because of its low price and support from all carriers.

The most important feature by which it has a great demand is that it has excellent battery life. But it also has a demerit that it has no water resistance. In short, it is also a fantastic choice with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Its weight is about 147g. Its battery life is about 12 hours.


  • Flagship-caliber camera
  • Google software and support
  • Solid build
  • OLED display
  • Low price
  • Excellent battery life
  • Supports all carriers


  • No water resistance
  • Performance is good, not great
  • Display could be brighter
  • No wireless charging
Top 5 Mobiles 2019 Google Pixel 3A

Google Pixel 3a

5: iPhone XR:

iPhone XR is also the best choice for lovers of smartphones. iPhone XR an affordable big screen that is about 6.1 inches. It has the fastest processor with the A12 Bionic chip. It is also demanded its superb audio quality and great flagship value. But it also has demerits such as it doesn’t have 2x optical zoom and its portrait mode works only with people.

Its battery life is about 11 hours and 26 minutes. Its weight is about 194g. In short, this phone is top-notch in every way such as excellent camera performance, long-term battery, big, bright and colorful LCD and the last and most charming feature is great audio quality. The fastest processor in a phone


  • Excellent camera performance
  • Big, bright and colorful LCD
  • Superb audio quality
  • Great flagship value
  • Very long battery life.


  • The single rear camera lacks 2x optical zoom
  • Portrait mode works only with people
Top 5 Mobiles 2019 iphone xr price in pakistan

iPhone XR



OnePlus 7T Pro Specifications

OnePlus 7T Pro Smartphone

The OnePlus OnePlus 7T Pro Smartphone is a fantastic phone. This phone is basically promoting a version of OnePlus’s flagship, therefore, its most impressive device.

The advancement here over the OnePlus 7 Pro is minuscule, but the OnePlus 7T Pro Smartphone may be the best performance for you. And doesn’t make it any a reduced amount of an excessive phone to buy right now. The display is very attractive, there’s loads of power.

Color of Smartphone

It’s really to a certain extent difficult to the 7T Pro distant from the 7 Pro, but that’s not a dispute as a great-looking device. The best set with the matte finish of this smartphone, but only one color which is available and its Haze Blue.


Display Screen

It’s entirely possible to come for a lower price than you’d assume from another flagship smartphone. It has a smooth and beautiful display with a gorgeous design.

One of the best thing which is highlights of the OnePlus 7T Pro that’s stunning large display. And it’s a move toward out to 516 pixels per inch. Instead, the front-facing like selfie camera park yourself within a pop-up mechanism on every occasion you activate the shooter. And it pop-up of the top of the smartphone device.

Specifications of Handset

OnePlus 7T Pro has a 6.67-inch display with a touch-screen. And it has a resolution of 1440×3120 pixels. This smartphone has run with Android 10. It also powered by a 4085mAh with a non-removable battery.

The display of the device refreshes 1.5 times quicker than all most other handsets. This handset has the latest and extreme chipset from Qualcomm and also has corresponding 8GB of RAM. 

Some positive points

  • Super gorgeous display
  • Quick and powerful performance
  • Fast-charging can be a life-saver
  • Fresh and customizable software
  • The macro mode also use in camera

Some Points that are against

  • Quiet no wireless charging Setting
  • Limited upgrade in the new version
  • Limited color


HTC Plans To Comeback

HTC Plans To Comeback:

HTC Plans To Comeback because it has not been relevant for quite some time now. Sure, there are some handsets released in the last couple of years, almost all of mid-range or high-end smartphones. But this year, the company is absent and did not release any phone. They are coming back company.

The company’s new CEO, Yves Maîtres, however, says HTC is not giving up on the business of smartphones. He told his vision of a return to the high-end smartphone market when the time is right.

HTC will focus on markets with high GDP instead of competing in developing markets. CEO says they will try on a different platform, but they will not quite the mobile Business. He also pointed out the reason why HTC is so far behind from the rest of the industry smartphone makers.

HTC Plans To Comeback

According to HTC CEO

HTC stopped investing in research and development projects a long time ago and instead focused on its VR business. But, the likes of Samsung and Huawei haven’t stopped investing in hardware innovations and their sales numbers are here to attest.

Sure, there are a couple of Smartphones released in the last couple of years nearly all of which are either mid-range or high-end smartphones. He admitted that the company has suffered a great loss in the past few years and assured that they will soon rise and resume working on high-end smartphones.

We all saw the entry-level Wildfire X, but that was a different company that just licensed the name. He said it was a different Idea. The HTC will come soon, and it will be better and more advance I can assure you that, but at this moment I can tell you this that we are working on the smartphone business and it will be a Good mobile phone I can assure you.

Lenovo Z5s arrives with 3 cameras snapdragon 710

Lenovo Z5s arrives with 3 cameras, snapdragon 710. Lenovo’s 1st try at devices with 3 cameras on the rear is named Lenovo Z5s. The device may be a cheaper version of the Lenovo Z5 pro, however additional powerful than the six-month-old Lenovo Z5. it’s conjointly the primary phone from the manufacturer with a waterdrop notch for the selfie camera. evidently, the chipset is flower 710 with octa-core CPU and Adreno 616 GPU. There area unit 3 memory mixtures – 4/64 GB, 6/64 GB, and 6/128 GB. The screen may be a half-dozen.3 LTPS alphanumeric display with Full HD+ resolution and tall nineteen.5:9 ratio. the small notch on the front homes a sixteen MP shooter with Face Unlock and a few element binding technology for gouger photos. once talking regarding cameras, the rear is wherever it gets fascinating on the Lenovo Z5s. It brings a sixteen MP camera lens, acting because the primary snapper. The secondary may be a camera lens with eight MP device and 2x optical zoom, whereas the third one may be a five MP depth-sensing shooter for background blur and portrait photos. different specs embody PDAF, 4K video and there’s a twin junction rectifier flash permanently live.

Huawei P30 professional to own four cameras Olixar reveals

Huawei P30 professional to own four cameras, Olixar reveals. Huawei introduced a triple camera P20 professional, and it absolutely was an enormous deal back in March 2018. currently 3 shooters is that the norm, that the Chinese manufacturer goes for a quad-cam setup on the Huawei P30 professional, expected in Q1 2019. The Huawei P30 is additionally obtaining an additional camera and can switch from twin to triple setup, in keeping with the case maker Olixar. the photographs appeared at MobileFun that square measure already acceptive pre-orders. the photographs reveal Olixar is prepared with bumpers, regular Si cases, and special protecting cases. there’s an enormous cutout within the higher left corner of the rear wherever the four cameras are positioned vertically. the twin LED flash can sit on the facet and there aren’t any fingerprint cutouts to be seen. The Huawei P30 cases reveal an analogous style for the cameras – extraordinarily tall vertical setup, however there’s no second hole for the device and flash which can go right beside the shooters. Still, no fingerprint scanner cutout, which means we tend to square measure in all probability obtaining associate degree in-display one.

Another curious issue regarding this leak is that the front panel, pictured with a waterdrop notch, however we all know this is often supported the Oppo R17 official renders. Case manufacturers do not truly get information regarding the screen – simply the sizes and management components so that they have to be compelled to improvise.

Xiaomi Mi A2 are company initial android One phone to induce Pie

Xiaomi Mi A2 are company’s initial android One phone to induce Pie. A restricted range of Xiaomi Mi A2 phones received the android nine Pie update (November 16), however the rollout can develop speed tomorrow (December 18). The A2 is Xiaomi’s initial android One phone to leap on Pie.
The Mi A2 lite most likely isn’t so much behind – some units received Pie ten days when the A2. that would mean the worldwide rollout can begin around New Year’s Eve or in early Gregorian calendar month.
This leaves the first, the Xiaomi Mi A1. it is a acquainted tale, the primary reports of Pie incoming came some of weeks when the Mi A2 nonfat story. Such soak tests square measure traditional, one last probability to catch major bugs before the update is delivered to everybody.Note that Xiaomi didn’t formally decide to a time-frame for the Mi A2 nonfat and Mi A1 updates, therefore it should take longer than the month it took the Mi A2 to travel from soak check to full rollout.

Huawei announces sixty five million oversubscribed nova smartphones

Huawei announces sixty five million oversubscribed nova smartphones. Huawei command an occurrence nowadays, introducing the star four with a hole within the screen for the twenty five MP selfie camera. the disclosing was supported with some neat slides, revealing that over sixty five million folks bought devices from the star series that was launched 2 years agone. The star series may be a mid-range lineup for Huawei that’s extremely marketed in China and alternative Asia-Pacific markets. It forever relied on being pretty, ranging from the 2016 Huawei star with a style, impressed from the Nexus 6P. Later Huawei star two and star two and came in fashionable colours just like the flagship P10 – Grass inexperienced, Streamer Gold, Aurora Blue, among others. The star 2s tried the Mate ten approach with a fingerprint scanner and a giant screen on the front whereas running the flagship chipset Kirin 960. Huawei star three unbroken the tradition, however the star 3+ arrived in Europe as Huawei P sensible and therefore the lower-powered Kirin 710.

And currently we’ve Huawei star four – the primary official device of the corporate with a punch hole for the selfie camera. We’ll got to wait and see however this phone can perform in adding to the sixty five million tally.

Nokia can fly fans to its next occasion that command in city.

Nokia can fly fans to its next occasion that command in city. Nokia is stretching out a selective welcome to its fans to come back go together with it face to face for its up and returning Gregorian calendar month five occasion in city.

Under the love of the dispatch of its new Community discussion. Nokia Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas asks that fans leave a remark within the string over at Nokia’s Community page. A lucky number of can at that time be chosen for a forty eight hour spherical outing to city.

It’s heretofore a issue of puzzle what Nokia can uncover at its Gregorian calendar month five occasion. we’ve got our desires to finally observe a real Nokia lead – ideally because the penta-cam Nokia nine. chatty tidbits likewise indicates a conceivable Nokia eight.1 revealing.

Facebook has deleted over one.5 billion pretend accounts from its system

In the amount among Apr and Sept of this current year. Facebook has deleted over one.5 billion pretend accounts from its system and erased a pair of.1 billion bits of spam.

Facebook shared the beautiful range in its Community Standards Report. The report separates however Facebook has managed problems like grown-up bareness, execrate discourse, concern primarily based unpleasant person purposeful packaging, savage and realistic substance and phony records.

As indicated by Facebook several phony records square measure the immediate consequence of digital assaults.

The social organization has shown signs of improvement at perceiving and avoiding regardless content even before people on the system have seen and proclaimed it. As indicated by Facebook’s report some ninety five.9% of the damaging substance.

Facebook is beneath steady investigation regarding the supposed phony news promulgation. It likewise practised harsh criticism for associate degree in progress security rupture, that influenced fifty million records.

Xiaomi Mi mix three will face up to 600,000 slides

Xiaomi Mi combine three will face up to 600,000 slides take a look at. the most worry with moving mechanical components on this cell phones is lifetime. therefore the OEMs ar in each case fast to ensure that they’ve tried their things lawfully before discharging it to the final population. The Mi combine three for example is bound to face up to no but three hundred,000 slides nonetheless AN autonomous testing. Chinese media says it’s going to go considerably more.

Computerized Tail transferred a video on weibo flaunting a Xiaomi Mi combine three cellular phone joined to a machine that attempted the mechanical slider going here and there multiple times. that’s double the add that xiaomi guarantee. it’s extremely nice that the slider works fantastically even when the take a look at committed.

So if the slider shields you from going over the fence. do not stress it possibly will not flop you within the following 7-8 years of utilization on the off probability that you just ar eager to keep the French telephone for that long.